Handmade Leather

Straps for everyone

At Tilt // Shift Leatherworks, we create simple, functional yet stylish leather camera straps for any photographer, from hobbyist to professional.


Born from a inability to find what we are looking for in the current market we decided to create what we need ourselves, and then to produce it to fulfil the needs of others.

Stitched vs Rivet

Which finish will you go for?

As all our straps are made by our own fair hands we get to offer you two different types of finish. We have dazzling silver rivets or super stealthy stitched versions of our straps.

Each strap is available in three different sizes, and the hand strap comes with a matching loop so you can adjust the fit. 

Our straps are made from buttery thick leather designed to last years and feature heavy duty split rings to fit to your camera lugs.



Comfortable and Minimal

Our wrist straps come in two different styles.


We have a super minimal version, great for grab and go days out. The wider version is ideal for longer adventures.


Whatever your preference you'll carry your camera with ease from day one.  Each of our wrist straps features, dyed, beveled and buffed edges leaving them smooth and soft.  

Pair with your fave point and shoot, mirrorless or instant camera and let the fun begin.

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