• This is our wide leather camera wrist strap - designed with mirrorless and DSLR cameras in mind.


    It's constructed using two pieces of Leather and features a silver split ring to attach it to your camera's existing fittings. With its 38mm wide middle section it can handle cameras on the heavier side and ensures they won't become too bothersome to carry.  This wrist straps is made with an adjustable matching leather loop that lets you wear the strap tight or loose. We use a small metal clincher on our leather loops as standard; they’re strong and discreet. But if you’d like to opt for a staple free hand stitched version we can make that for you. 


    On all our straps we hand dye and bevel the edges to shape and soften them, this ensures they are comfortable against the skin from the first day you use it. This version is constructed using gleaming Silver rivets.


    We picked out an Italian vegetable tanned Leather for it's natural grain and texture.  The leather is thick yet supple making it ideal for our camera slings; worn close to the body the leather spreads the load and provides padding for all day comfort without being bulky.


    Our straps turn into treasured possessions as they wear in overtime.

    They are suitable for all lug mount style cameras or the heavy duty split rings can be attached to flat mount type bodies. Please ask if you need any help checking compatibility. 


    We have currently tested our straps and hardware up to 10kg with no signs of failure. But we will keep adding more weight to find out the true breaking point!


    The slim wrist strap measures about 43cm around the wrist, with an adjustable leather loop so one size does indeed fit all. It is natural to experience up to 2cm of stretch in the leather over heavy and repeated use.


    All Tilt Shift Leather Camera Straps are available in Black or Brown with Silver fittings.


    Each strap is handmade in our small London Studio. To find out more, check out our instagram @tiltshiftleatherworks. Say hi!

    Scandola // Black // Rivet


    As with all leather products, please note that as a natural material there may be some variance in colour and finish. We think this makes every strap just as unique as the photos it facilitates.